Feel It, Show it, Sorted forums 

Exhibition and Sharing

Funded by London Mayor, HK Community Fund

Date: 18 Nov  2023

Participants: 34


Feel it, Show it, Sorted 公開相片徵集展覽邀請


《Feel it, Show it, Sorted》是一個公開相片徵集展覽項目,希望徵集到多元化類型和主題的相片,梳理在離散下如何繼續生活,透過相片把無法言語的感覺呈現。可能我們有所追尋,但未有所獲,不如先嘗試好好經營生活。

In the wake of unshakable changes that have defined our recent years, we have embarked on a journey of immigration, seeking a place that might one day be called home. As we strive to connect with and integrate into the fabric of our new local society, we carry with us the rich tapestry of our past experiences and cultural identities.

"Feel it, Show it, Sorted” is an open call community photo project that invites individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to share their new lives in this ever-changing world, We hope to collect a diverse range of photos spanning various genres and themes, showcasing how life continues in the face of diaspora. Perhaps we have not found the ideal, at least we can strive to lead a meaningful life.